Clinical trials offices (CTOs), are very much active in finding the best way out of cancer. They support the investigation of cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment at cancer centers across North America. There are no publicly available benchmark data sets that characterize the size, cost, volume, and efficiency of these offices, nor whether the metrics differ by National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation. The Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI) Clinical Research Innovation (CRI) steering committee developed a survey to address this knowledge gap.

The number of FTE employees working in the CTOs ranged from 4.5 to 811 (median, 104). The median number of analytic cases (ie, newly diagnosed or received the first course of treatment) reported by the main center was 3,856. Annual CTO budgets ranged from $250,000 to $23,900,000 (median, $8.2 million). Of the 92 eligible AACI centers, 79 (86%) completed the survey. There were no duplicate responders. All centers reported on a 12-month period between January 2016 and July 2017.

Amazingly the data we got did support the CTOs. This is very good for further studies and research.