This study states that Tuberculosis (TB), brought about by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is a significant worldwide general medical problem. Southeast Asia contributes outstandingly (44%) to worldwide TB cases. Thailand is in the best 30 nations for drug-safe (DR) TB occurrence (1). DR TB, including rifampin-safe TB and strains with extra protection from isoniazid (multidrug-safe [MDR] TB), stays an incredible test for TB control. In 2018, ≈500,000 new instances of rifampin-safe TB were accounted for worldwide, of which 78% were MDR TB. More troubling is widely drug-safe (XDR) TB, which further shows protection from 1 fluoroquinolone and 1 injectable second-line drug. The normal extent of worldwide MDR TB cases with XDR TB is 6.2%. In Thailand, in spite of the diminishing occurrence of TB, the revealed number of MDR TB cases almost multiplied during 2014–2018 (1); some are probably going to be XDR TB. Treatment for patients with DR TB is drawn out and costly, and results are poor.

Entire genome sequencing (WGS) of M. tuberculosis gives bits of knowledge into drug obstruction, in which systems solely include changes (for the most part single-nucleotide polymorphisms [SNPs], yet additionally inclusion/cancellations) in qualities coding for drug targets or medication changing over chemicals.

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