The main of the study is to study the evaluations between biological exposure within 7 months which preceded the colectomy and postoperative complications among the patients with ulcerative colitis. The main aim was to read and understand about the studies which were linked with multivariates regression and hence, a total of 1794 patients were studied and hence, it was revealed that the ulcerative colitis underwent the total abdominal colectomy with end and IPPAA therapy had to undergo the treatment in the 8 months. It was revealed that the median range of protecting these patients was somewhere pegged at 8.5 mg/l. In addition, an attempt was made to provide for the people in the best possible manner. The aim of the study was to conduct that the ph levels of the patients have to be pegged somewhere between 8.5-9.5 lbs. This showcased positive results in the phenomenon and hence, revealed that the people are provided with the best possible care. These therapies were even helpful in curing around 78 percent of the patients being studied.

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