In the UK half of all pregnancies are unplanned and half of the teenage pregnancies terminated. Southwark and Lambeth have the highest teenage conception rates. Many teenage pregnancies led to terminations. A contraception service was established where qualified pharmacists supplied OC using a PGD. This service evaluation aimed to assess this service delivered in five community pharmacies.

Seven hundred and forty-one consultations were undertaken by seven pharmacists at five community pharmacies with many occurring following emergency contraception supplies. The mean consultation time was 19 minutes. Combined OC was most commonly supplied with nearly half of the initial supplies to first-time pill users. Most consultations were with women aged under 30 years, with 22.5% aged under 20. Of the ninety-nine women who completed the satisfaction questionnaires, most clients were very satisfied or satisfied with the service and felt comfortable talking to the pharmacist about contraception.

The study concluded that trained pharmacists were clinically competent and provided OC in community pharmacy according to a PGD. This service was accessed by the target population; young women using emergency hormonal contraception who had not previously used OC. Clients were largely very satisfied with the service.