Anxiety, chronic pain disorder, dementia, female sex, depression, and atrial fibrillation are linked
with insomnia in elderly patients, according to a study published in the Journal of Primary Care &
Community Health. Satyajeet Roy, MD, FACP, and colleagues conducted a retrospective EMR review of 2,431
patients aged 65 and older. Patients were divided into two groups: those with insomnia (10.2%) and those
without. Compared with the group without insomnia, there was a significantly greater frequency of women
in the insomnia group. Within the insomnia group, there were notably higher incidence rates of
comorbidities, such as anxiety disorder (34.4% vs 17.4%; P<0.001), dementia (6.5% vs 3.4%; P= 0.015),
chronic pain disorders (32.8% vs 18.9%; P<0 .001), depression (30.8% vs 14.9%; P< 0.001), and atri-
al fibrillation (19.4% vs 13.4%; P=0.01). Logistic regression analysis showed significantly greater
odds of insomnia in patients who had anxiety, depression, and chronic pain disorders.