Researchers conducted this study to assess the force required for, and pain of, removal of the GyneFix® as compared with T-framed IUDs.

The study design was a comparative trial following patient-blinded randomization in an outpatient clinic setting.

Women requesting an IUD for emergency contraception were fitted with either a GyneFix or a Gyne-T380S®. For those requesting removal of the IUD, visual analog scores were used to assess their perception of the associated pain. A Newton dynamometer was used to measure the force required to remove the device.

Removal required significantly more force for GyneFix than Gyne-T380S, but there was no significant difference in pain perceived by women during removal. Interestingly, anticipated pain was worse than actual pain experienced.

The study concluded that although more force is needed to remove the GyneFix compared with the Gyne-T380S, this does not translate into more pain. It is essential to use quality products for contraceptives. Primary contraceptive and IUD brands are often compared to provide clients with painless insertion and minimum force for comfortability. Effortless and less pressure requiring one must be preferred.