This study aimed to compare body weight changes in women using a COC consisting of 30-μg EE and 2-mg CMA or a COC consisting of 30-μg EE and 3-mg DRSP.

This randomized, double-blind controlled trial was conducted at a university hospital-based clinic in Thailand between June 2012 and September 2015. A total of 102 women were enrolled in the study, 99 of whom were randomized to EE/CMA or EE/DRSP. Each participant was treated for six cycles. Bodyweight and other parameters and side effects were recorded at baseline and the end of the third and sixth cycles of treatment.

A significant difference was observed in mean body weight change between the EE/CMA and EE/DRSP groups from both baselines to the third cycle and baseline to the sixth cycle. The mean difference in body mass index and waist circumference was similar to that of the mean difference in body weight. There was no significant difference in side effects between groups.

A COC containing 30-µg EE/3-mg DRSP tended to confer a significantly more favorable change in body weight over six months than a COC containing 30-µg EE/2-mg CMA, which was associated with an increase in body weight.