To compare the foveal microvascular structure characteristics in children with a history of IVR versus LP for retinopathy of prematurity by OCTA.

This was a cross-sectional study. A total of 17 children who underwent IVR and 20 children who underwent LP were recruited. The age of doing OCTA examination of the two groups is 5.4±1.1 years and 6.3±1.8 years, respectively. Spectral-domain OCTA was performed for all the eyes with a scan size of 3×3 mm. The data of the superficial retinal layer were analyzed. The foveal avascular zone and vessel density were measured using the software of OCTA. The CFT was measured by cross-sectional OCT.

There was no significant difference observed in the parafoveal and foveal VLD and PD, FAZ morphological index, and SER between the two groups.

The study concluded through its findings that the IVR might contribute to microvascular changes in the macular zone, such as reducing the central foveal VLD and PD, while the LP might contribute to microstructural changes, such as smaller FAZ and thicker CFT.