The study was done to determine thresholds for the SSQ when patients with MG achieve an acceptable PASS status.

This study was a retrospective chart review. Consecutive MG patients attending a neuromuscular clinic were included in the review. Researchers extracted SSQ and PASS responses, demographic, clinical, serological characteristics, and disease severity by the MG impairment index.

The researchers identified One hundred fifty-seven consecutive patients: 43 patients responded ‘No’ to the PASS question. Between the PASS ‘Yes’/‘No’ groups, only SSQ and MG impairment index scores were significantly different. The receiver operating characteristic curve for PASS and SSQ had an area under the curve of 0.92 ± 0.024. An SSQ score ≥ of 72.5% had 84.2% sensitivity and 86% specificity to classify patients as PASS positive.

The study concluded through its findings that PASS and SSQ patient‐reported outcomes are closely associated, and an SSQ threshold ≥of 72.5% predicts an acceptable MG state. Other demographic and disease‐related factors were kept similar, so they did not influence the PASS response in this study.