Researchers introduced a single-window LSPT to replace a double-window LSPT for self-assessment of early medical abortion outcome two weeks later. We wished to compare the assessment of results of EMA with each LSPT.

The present study is a retrospective review of EMA outcomes during ten months of double-window LSPT. The subsequent ten months’ use of the single-window LSPT was done to compare the detection of ongoing pregnancies and false-positive and invalid results with each LSPT.

Ongoing pregnancies were uncommon and occurred in 4/1047 women. Two of these four women did not conduct an LSPT as they presented before the LSPT was due to light bleeding or continuing pregnancy symptoms. False-positive LSPT results occurred in 6 and 19 double- and single-window LSPT tests, respectively. Invalid results were reported in 18 and 6 of double- and single-window LSPT groups, respectively.

The study concluded that the introduction of the single-window LSPT had not impacted the detection of ongoing pregnancy or on contact with the service due to an invalid LSPT. Services could consider the use of either LSPT and emphasize informing women about the clinical signs and symptoms that suggest failed abortion.