Numerous medical specialties are interested in ozone therapy as a kind of treatment. In the discipline of angiology, infected wounds that are challenging to heal are treated with ozone. For a study, researchers sought to describe the implementation of cutting-edge therapeutic tools into clinical practice to quicken the healing of clinical wounds by the external administration of ozone in various forms.

They showed encouraging outcomes from the thorough care given to a 52-year-old lady who had an ulcer on her right lower leg due to an earlier orthopedic procedure. Local ozone treatment was used in addition to drug therapy and compression therapy. According to a visual analog scale, the patient’s discomfort was greatly reduced after 30 sessions of ozone therapy, and the ulcer entirely healed (9.0 points before therapy vs. 0.5 points after therapy). The patient’s quality of life increased as a consequence, as measured by the EuroQol scale (10 points before therapy vs. 90 points after therapy).

The use of local ozone therapy might be a suitable addition to the thorough care for chronic wounds. In the example at hand, ozone therapy assisted in the ulcer’s full recovery and markedly decreased the patient’s discomfort levels, increasing their quality of life.