Bhati prefixes are one of the most common types of osteoporotic fractures that can increase morbidity as well as mortality. As of now, the main guidelines to manage osteoporotic vertebral fractures are limited in terms of quality and quantity. There is no such high standard treatment for these types of fractures. The primary treatment for these fractures can be considered as conservative treatment which includes the relief of pain through complete bed rest for a short time span, anti-osteoporotic drugs, braces, and proper exercise on a daily basis. Studies on vertebral fractures have reported that there is a debate and controversies regarding the effectiveness of this fracture. 

as for the studies the patients with osteoporotic vertebral fractures have the possibility to heal properly in most cases. But near about 15 to 35% of patients have unstable fractures and other spinal pains. Sometimes the doctors need to pay attention to surgeries in some cases of fractures and the process should be done through novel techniques and thoughts. The study should be incomplete as there are lesser cases with Osteoporotic vertebral fractures. Hence, every new case should be followed and studied properly in order to get better results.