The support panel training is critical to the outcomes of any intervention that is applied to the population with ASD. Therefore, the methods to teach the support panel of the essential interventions are essential to ensuring the quality of interventions.

This study was done to explore the outcomes of teaching simultaneous prompting procedure to the support panel using the constant time delay procedure. The research was done in the context of a multiple baseline design. The researchers in this investigation used a continual time delay (CTD) procedure intending to teach two classroom support personnel (i.e., paraprofessional, peer tutor) to use a simultaneous prompting (SP) method.

When teaching a high school student with a moderate intellectual disability to identify words from science core content, remember words from social studies core content, make Kool-Aid, and alphabetize last names by their first letters. The classroom teacher implemented the CTD procedure with a high degree of fidelity.

The study concluded that the paraprofessional and the peer tutor implemented the SP procedure with high dedication levels, and the student increased his ability to perform the targeted skills.