Concerns have been expressed regarding the risk to children with inflammatory bowel illness from the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic (IBD). The study intended to compile worldwide experience and give preliminary guidelines for addressing pediatric IBD (PIBD) in the COVID-19 era. Major PIBD centers in China and South Korea have undertaken a survey to investigate pandemic management. A third poll gathered information on current PIBD treatment practices. 37 PIBD writers and Porto group members developed and voted on practice recommendations. Despite therapy with immunomodulators and/or biologics, 8 PIBD children developed COVID-19 worldwide, all with moderate infection and no need for hospitalization. In China and South Korea, no instances have been recorded, although biologic therapy has been delayed in 79 children, 17 of whom experienced an aggravation of their IBD. Face-to-face meetings were often replaced by virtual consultations among Porto group participants, although almost all did not modify existing IBD therapy. Ten guidelines for doctors caring for PIBD patients in epidemic regions have been endorsed with a 92 percent-100 percent consensus rate.

The preliminary results for PIBD patients during the COVID-19 epidemic are encouraging. Standard IBD therapies, including biologics, should be continued for the time being during the pandemic, particularly in children who have a more severe IBD course on the one hand and a milder SARS-CoV-2 infection on the other.