The outbreak of the novel coronavirus plays a vital role in adding the burden on the people in the worst possible manner. There is an disquit concern about COVID-19–associated cardiac pathology among the athletes because myocarditis is an important cause of sudden cardiac death during exercise or workouts. The people who are already ill are not further exposed to an increased risk. Therefore, an attempt is made to understand the correlation between cardiac injury with already attending negative prognostic implications and which are usually prone to hospitalizations after the outbreak of the COVID-19. There was a Relaxation of stay-at-home orders that was implemented across the US which enabled many athletes to return to their training and competition. In the recent cohort studies that were conducted in the population of 8755 people, it was observed that nearly 98 percent were already suffering from deadly diseases like cardiac arrests and myocarditis. It was observed that nearly 91 percent were exposed to increasing aggravation in the disease and hence, an attempt was made to collate the observations in the best possible manner. The observational data were linked with the key areas in order to increase the risks which they were already facing.

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