Globally the nutrition requirements of people are observed to be linked to their development and motor functioning. Iron intake is of significant importance because it is responsible for the healthy functioning of various processes in the body. This study was done with the purpose to determine the correlation of nutritional status, iron intake, and fine motor development in infants aged 6-11 months.

This was a cross-sec­tional study conducted at eight Community Health Centers in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogya­karta, Indonesia. A total of 201 infants aged 6-11 months were randomly selected as the sample of the study. The dependent variable was fine motor development. The independent variable was status. The data on fine motor development was measured by a PDQ. The data were analyzed by Chi-square.

Good nutritional status increased fine motor development in infants who were 6-11 months of age. There was no difference between iron intake and fine motor development.

Through its findings, this study concluded that good nutritional status increases fine motor development in infants age 6-11 months.