As we are aware that coronavirus infection significantly results in respiratory failure, various organ failure, and other patels systemic inflammations. Nebulized DAS181 is known as an investigational drug, which has a host directed biologics. The main objective to conduct an exclusive research was to investigate the factors and effects along with the safety of Nebulized DAS181 on COVID-19 disease patients. Patients falling under the age of 18 to 70 years, who were suffering from this severe covid-19 disease were included in the study. To get the desired results, Nebulized DAS181 (4.5 mg) were given to the patients who required supplemental oxygen but were not on any mechanical ventilator, twice a day for next 10 days. As a result it was observed that 3 male patients suffering from coronavirus who had bilateral lung involvement successfully completed DAS181 treatment for the entire 10 days. Therefore we can say that Inhalation of DAS181 was decently tolerated by all those patients who were suffering from covid-19.  The clinical benefit of DAS181 on Covid-19 is basically the reduction of the need of supplemental oxygen in those patients. 

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