COVID-19 vaccination does not impact clinical outcomes with IVF cycles, according to a research letter published in JAMA Network Open. Emily Jacobs, MD, and colleagues investigated the association between COVID-19 vaccination status and IVF-fresh embryo transfer cycle stimulation characteristics and clinical outcomes among 142 vaccinated patients and 138 unvaccinated patients. While the mean number of oocytes retrieved and the number of useable embryos produced were similar between groups, vaccinated patients had higher mean fertilization rates than unvaccinated patients (77.45% vs 68.66%). When controlling for age and BMI, which can influence IVF success, no significant differences were seen in ongoing clinical pregnancy and miscarriage rates for vaccinated versus unvaccinated patients. Results were similar when excluding day 5 morula transfers. For standard insemination-only cycles, there was also no difference in ongoing clinical pregnancy or miscarriage rates. “Current and emerging scientific evidence continues to support that COVID-19 vaccination is safe and effective and has no impact on fertility,” Dr. Jacobs and colleagues wrote.