While COVID-19 vaccines are recommended for people with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD) and MOG-antibody-associated disease (MOGAD), they were not specifically tested in this population, and thus, have an unclear safety profile. To assess the safety of COVID-19 vaccine in patients with NMOSD and MOGAD, researchers circulated an anonymous survey that asked general demographic and disease-related questions, as well as specific questions about the safety profile of the COVID-19 vaccine. In total, 438 participants with a median age of 51 completed the questionnaire, and 31.5% reported immediate adverse events following vaccination. Most events (67.4%) occurred among patients younger than 55; 32.6% occurred among patients older than 55 (P=0.0086). The most frequent adverse event included pain at the injection site, reported by 23.3% of participants, and patients older than 55 were more likely to report new or worsening neurological symptoms after vaccination. Most symptoms occurred within 24 hours of vaccination and resolved within 3 days, and only 17.8% of participants reported needing additional medication to manage their symptoms. Results of the survey suggested that the COVID-19 vaccines have an overall favorable safety profile in NMOSD and MOGAD, but the study team noted that further research is needed to confirm these findings.