In overweight and obese patients with burn injuries, higher baseline copper (Cu) levels appear to be linked with adverse outcomes, according to a study published in Burns. John A. Griswold, MD, FACS, and colleagues conducted a retrospective review of patients with 20% or more total body surface area burns with an initial measurement of Cu. In a series of multiple regression models, they grouped patients by BMI and examined the interactions between baseline Cu and BMI on multiple outcomes. The BMI groups did not differ considerably on burn severity, baseline biochemistry, or demographics. Patients of normal weight with higher baseline Cu had shorter length of stay (LOS), shorter ICU stay, and fewer operations. In contrast, patients with overweight/obesity with higher baseline Cu had longer LOS and ICU stay and a greater number of operations. Dr. Griswold and colleagues stated that additional research is necessary to confirm this link and explore the direction of causality.