Chronic kidney disease remains highly prevalent and exerts a heavy economic burden. The practice of nephrology has come a long way in managing this disease, though there remains room for improvement. The private domain, where more than half of the adult nephrology workforce operates, faces serious challenges. Interest has decreased in the field, leading to diminished recruitment. There has been a reduction in both reimbursement rates and revenues. We discuss the current state of private practice nephrology and strategies to reinvigorate our discipline. There needs to be a focus on preparing fellows during training not only for academic careers, but also for effective functioning in the environment of private practice and development of pathways for growth. We believe that private practice nephrology must expand its frontiers to be fulfilling professionally, challenging academically, and successful financially. The United States government has recently announced the Advancing American Kidney Health Executive Order which seeks to prioritize optimal treatments for patients with kidney disease. We are optimistic that there is a renaissance afoot in nephrology and that our field is in the process of rediscovering itself, with its best days yet to come.


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