This study states that The MANTA vascular closure device (Teleflex) is available in the United States for large bore arteriotomy closure; however, I am not aware of any groups using it. The device uses a bovine collagen plug, which will be resorbed within 6 months. Arterial sheaths sizes of 10F to 14F (maximum outer diameter, 18F) and 14F to 20F (maximum outer diameter, 25F) require a 14F and 18F MANTA device, respectively. In this study, the time to hemostasis was a median of 50 seconds, and 84% of the patients had reached hemostasis within 5 minutes. The MANTA device appears somewhat similar to the MYNX device (Cordis, Johnson & Johnson, Santa Clara, Calif), except that the sealant with the latter is polyethylene glycol. Our group currently uses the MYNX device (Cordis) for percutaneous closures with 5F to 7F sheaths and the Perclose ProGlide suture-based closure device (Abbott Vascular, Redwood City, Calif) for ≥8F sheaths.

The literature is mixed regarding whether the MANTA device is better than, or even equivalent to, suture-based closure devices. Surgery conversion rates have varied from 1% to 6% for ProStar and 1% to 4% for ProGlide closures in the literature.

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