The study was done on patients who underwent multiple intraocular surgeries, we evaluated determinants of decreased CECD after sulcus placement following Ahmed and Baerveldt drainage device surgery.

Retrospective analysis was conducted of the patients with glaucoma who underwent sulcus placement with an Ahmed glaucoma valve or a Baerveldt glaucoma implant. We compared presurgical and postsurgical CECD and risk factors for decreased CECD.

41 eyes of 41 patients were examined. Postsurgical CECD measurements were assessed 2.0±1.0 times during a median follow-up period of 28 months. The mean IOP decreased from 28.4±11.6 mmHg to 12.2±5.3 mmHg 24 months after the operation. At 24 months, CECD decreased 14.6±5.4% after considering the variability in the number and time points of CECD determinations. History of prior surgery and higher preoperative IOP were significantly associated with a trend for a time-dependent decrease in CECD.

The study concluded that the Risk factors for decreased CECD after sulcus placement during Ahmed and Baerveldt drainage device surgery included the number of previous intraocular surgeries and higher presurgical IOP.