Vaccination for healthcare professionals (HCPs) is recommended to safeguard them from vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs); however, uptake rates are limited. The purpose of this research was to evaluate HCPs’ influenza, hepatitis B, and measles vaccine uptake across various healthcare levels in Crete, Greece. In 2018, the researchers performed a questionnaire-based, cross-sectional multicenter analysis of HCPs from 18 primary care centres and three hospitals. The rate of influenza absorption was 36.1%, while the annual rate of the vaccine was 14.8% compared to the last 5 years. Around the same time, the vaccine uptake rate for hepatitis B was 60.3%. 70.7% of active HCPs were resistant to measles due to preliminary disease, 2-Dose Vaccine System or HIV Validation System. The uptake of vaccines varied between age, occupation and occupational classes.

The logistic regression analyses have shown that the risk factors for non-infection in influenza vaccines were: younger age and in working hospitals. An independent risk factor was the elderly age (> 45 years old) for not being vaccinated against hepatitis B or measles. Main treatment was an independent risk factor not being vaccinated for hepatitis B. The results show that individual and focused strategies to increase vaccine uptake among HCPs should be undertaken.