The artificial intelligence has been capacitated to develop itself in every possible manner. There has been hardly any front wherein the AI has not been able to reveal its utilities. Hence, the medical industry has been able to benefit itself in the best possible manner. Therefore, an artificial neutral prediction model has been developed by the AI for curing the patients who are already suffering from kidney infections. This technology is based on a two-step procedure that is in a better position to cure ESKD. This technology has been able to reveal a performance value of 082 so far. The results were delivered in no time, due to which the efficiency of the treatment was able to increase by an average of 45 percent. This has been made evident by the various kinds of studies that have been conducted in order to unravel the efficiency of this treatment. In addition, there has been an effort made to ensure that this technology is able to provide accurate predictions which function in the long run to introduce a therapeutic strategy. This has been upheld by the 25 years follow up of this remedy.

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