Discussing the diagnostic approaches utilised in the study of patients with hypersensitivity pneumonitis, with particular emphasis on the most recent publications on diagnosis of occupational pneumonitis in the medical literature (OHP) is the purpose of this review. In this review, an update is presented with the utilisation of various diagnostic tests. Although many professional consensus statements have been attempted and published, standardisation and criteria are still particularly tough. Diagnostic approaches are not always possible. The centres are thereby generating consensus among their multidisciplinary teams on the basis of their own experience. While this strategy is highly recommended in many aspects, it has considerable limits. This strategy poses major restrictions, albeit recommended in many aspects.

Diagnosis of OHP should be made with a thorough clinical history of symptoms and clinical signs as well as with a meticulous study of possible exposures in the workplace if possible by an expert; thorax compound high resolution; thorax serum determination of specific immunoglobulin Gs; bronchoalveolar lavage and possible cryobiopsy; fungal tomography.

Reference: https://journals.lww.com/co-allergy/Abstract/2019/04000/Diagnosis_of_occupational_hypersensitivity.6.aspx