Q: What would our practice receive with the PW Digital Tablet?

A: Qualified practices will receive:
– A 10” Verizon 4G LTE digital tablet
– An attractive wall-mounted or countertop tablet docking display
– Charging statyion comes with an additional mobile device charging area
– High-quality medical content
– Dedicated LIVE phone support

Q: How does our practice sign up for the PW Digital Tablet network?

A: It’s very easy. Simply fill out the Service Agreement and fax it to 515.573.2785 or call 800.317.9139. You can also sign up online at Once we receive your completed Service Agreement, we will begin the service initiation process.

Q: How can the PW Digital Tablet be free to our practice?

A: The Physician’s Weekly Digital Tablet service is funded through pharmaceutical sponsorships and a limited number of messages from industry sponsors. This allows us to offer the digital tablet service to your practice at no charge.


Q: When can we expect our system to be shipped?

A: It depends on your specific needs, but generally your free PW Digital Tablet Service will be available for installation and activation 2-3 weeks after you sign up.

Q: What products are included in the shipment?

A: You will receive a pre-programmed 10″ 4G LTE Verizon digital tablet, and your docking display configured for either wall-mounted or countertop use.

Q: How long with the installation take?

A: Installing the tablet display is easy. Both the setup and installation of the wall mounted or countertop docking display should take less than 30 minutes.

Q: Who in our practice should be notified about the Digital Tablet service PRIOR to install?

A: This product operates on cellular data and is therefore not relying on your practice’s wifi network. Your IT staff, sub-contractor, or third party vendors will not need to be notified. It is as close to “plug-n-play” as possible.

Q: Will our practice be responsible for taking care of the system after installation?

A: We provide all technical and maintenance support absolutely free of charge. If your system isn’t working, simply contact our dedicated customer service team at 123.456.7890 or email, and we will work with you to fix the problem or have a new system sent immediately.


Q: Who develops the content?

A: The PW tablet includes the same high-quality medical content developed by Physician’s Weekly that is found on our posters, as well as credible third party medical resources (eg., PubMed, the National Institute of Health, etc.).

Q: How often is content refreshed?

A: Content is refreshed on a frequent basis.

Q: How is programming delivered to our practice?

A: Content is delivered through the 4G LTE cellular data included in your service.


Q: How much sponsored content should we expect?

A: Between 5 to 10 pieces of sponsored content (videos and articles) will be displayed on the tablet app. Additionally limited banner ads will be displayed on articles as well as unobtrusive pop-up questionnaires.

Q: Do you always have the same sponsors?

A: Our sponsors change on a monthly basis; however, they may choose to sponsor more than one month of programming.

Q: Do the sponsors have any influence over the content?

A: No, our content is created independent of any influence from our sponsors.


Q: Will this use of the internet interfere with
other office activities, increase costs, etc?

A: No, the PW Digital Tablet relies on 4G LTE mobile data and will not use your facility’s wifi network or bandwith.

Q: Will this tablet give Physician’s Weekly
access to any patient information?

A: No, never. Our system is in no way connected to your network. This keeps your network’s security features
intact and HIPAA compliant.

Q: Is there streaming video?

A: No. The video content will be downloaded to the
digital tablet and will play from the tablet’s memory.