This study has been conducted Because the addition of carotid ultrasound (US) into composite cardiovascular (CV) risk scores has been found effective for identifying patients with inflammatory arthritis and high CV risk, we aimed to determine whether its use would facilitate the reclassification of patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) into the very high Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation (SCORE) risk category and whether this might be related to disease features.This was a cross-sectional study involving 206 patients who fulfilled ClASsification for Psoriatic ARthritis criteria for PsA, and 179 controls. We assessed lipid profile, SCORE, disease activity measurements, and the presence of carotid plaques and carotid intima-media thickness by ultrasonography. A multivariable regression analysis, adjusted for classic CV risk factors, was performed to evaluate whether the risk of reclassification could be explained by disease-related features and to assess the most parsimonious combination of risk reclassification predictors.Forty-seven percent of patients were reclassified into a very high SCORE risk category after carotid US compared to 26% of controls (p < 0.001). Patients included in the low SCORE risk category were those who were more commonly reclassified (30% vs 14%, p = 0.002).

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