Many studies have shown a disappointing pre-abortion contraceptive uptake. This study investigated whether dedicated and targeted contraception counseling at the pre-abortion assessment visit can improve the post-abortion contraception uptake.

Although a person is an emotionally traumatic event for a woman, it is essential for counseling to play its role in such cases to avoid other abortions by effective contraception use. The present study comprised of a 3-month prospective reaudit of the abortion clinic. People with unwanted pregnancies are mostly disappointed with their previously used contraceptive method. It is crucial to counsel them for effective contraceptive methods and motivate them for contraception use.

Of the 104 women seen during the re-audit period, 96% received post-abortion contraception. The majority of the women chose and received one of the less user-dependent contraceptive methods such as intrauterine contraceptive devices, the intrauterine contraceptive system, the progestogen injectable, and subdermal implants.

The study concluded that a dedicated team’s provision of targeted contraception counseling during the pre-abortion assessment visit could dramatically improve post-abortion contraception uptake. Therefore, it is crucial for researchers to explore women’s preferences before a version so that effective family planning can be generated to assist such clients.