The 8th Joint ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS meeting – the largest international conference focused on research in multiple sclerosis (MS), will be held in a virtual format from September 11-13, 2020, with a special encore session featuring Late-Breaking News and a COVID-19 Session on September 26. At this virtual conference – MSVirtual2020 – highly regarded scientists, neurologists, clinicians and researchers from around the world will be presenting the latest research, clinical trial outcomes and diagnostic advances in multiple sclerosis (MS). Here’s a peek at the schedule on Saturday:


Late Breaking News

Primary astrocytopathy has a detrimental effect on remyelination efficacy of parenchymal oligodendrocyte precursor cells.
Authors:    M. Lohrberg A. Winkler J. Franz F. Van Der Meer A. Barrantes-Freer C. Stadelmann
Presentation Number LB01.01
Lecture Time  09:00 – 09:12


Phase 2 clinical trial evidence that a retinoid-X receptor agonist promotes remyelination in people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
Authors:   W. Brown N. Cunniffe F. Prados B. Kanber J. Jones E. Needham Z. Georgieva D. Rog O. Pearson J. Overell D. Macmanus R. Samson J. Stutters C. Gandini Wheeler-Kingshott A. Michell P. Connick R. Franklin S. Chandran D. Altmann D. Chard A. Coles
Presentation Number LB01.02
Lecture Time 09:12 – 09:24


Neutrophil granulocyte markers in cerebrospinal fluid differentiate NMOSD and anti-MOG antibody associated disease from MS in acute disease phase
Authors:   M. Watanabe S. Schaedelin A. Maceski D. Rey J. Oechtering J. Lambert T. Plavina P. Patel K. Masaki N. Isobe T. Matsushita J. Kira P. Benkert L. Kappos J. Kuhle D. Leppert
Presentation Number LB01.03
Lecture Time 09:24 – 09:36


Brain microstructural and metabolic alterations detected in vivo at the onset of the first demyelinating event.
Authors: S. Collorone F. Prados B. Kanber N. Cawley C. Tur F. Grussu B. Solanky M. Yiannakas I. Davagnanam C. Gandini Wheeler-Kingshott F. Barkhof O. Ciccarelli A. Toosy
Presentation Number  LB01.04
Lecture Time 09:36 – 09:48


Network analysis identifies gut bacteria associated with multiple sclerosis relapse among pediatric-onset patients
Authors:  M. Horton K. McCauley J. Graves J. Ness Y. Harris L. Benson B. Weinstock-Guttman A. Waldman M. Rodriguez L. Krupp A. Belman T. Casper J. Rose J. Hart X. Shao H. Tremlett S. Lynch L. Barcellos E. Waubant
Presentation Number LB01.05
Lecture Time 09:48 – 10:00


Interrupting disease modifying treatment for pregnancy in multiple sclerosis – effect on disease activity and serum neurofilament light chain
Authors:  Ö. Yaldizli P. Benkert F. Bedussi S. Schaedelin J. Oechtering A. Ceschi A. Maceski A. Orleth A. Salmen C. Granziera L. Achtnichts C. Pot R. Du Pasquier P. Lalive S. Müller L. Kappos C. Gobbi D. Leppert C. Zecca J. Kuhle
Presentation Number  LB01.06
Lecture Time   10:00 – 10:12


COVID-19 Late Breaking Abstracts


COVID-19 in people with MS: A large community-based study of the UK MS Register
Authors: N. Evangelou R. Das Nair R. Hunter K. Tuite-Dalton A. Coles R. Dobson M. Duddy D. Ford S. Hughes O. Pearson L. Middleton D. Rog E. Tallantyre R. Middleton R. Nicholas
Presentation Number SS02.01
Lecture Time  10:45 – 10:57


Comparison of COVID-19 outcomes between racial groups in the COViMS registry
Authors:  A. Salter G. Cutter R. Fox J. Halper B. Bebo P. Kanellis K. Costello A. Cross D. Li S. Newsome K. Rammohan
Presentation Number  SS02.02
Lecture Time 10:57 – 11:09


Evidence of an Increased Burden of Humoral Autoimmunity in the CSF and plasma of COVID-19 Patients with Comorbid Neurologic Dysfunction
Authors:  C. Bartley S. Farhadian T. Ngo B. Phiney M. Salemi R. Dandekar B. Alvarenga I. Hawes R. Loudermilk T. Huynh S. Spudich S. Pleasure M. Wilson
Presentation Number SS02.03
Lecture Time  11:09 – 11:21


First results of the COVID-19 in MS Global Data Sharing Initiative suggest anti-CD20 DMTs are associated with worse COVID-19 outcomes
Authors:  S. Simpson-Yap E. De Brouwer T. Kalincik N. Rijke J. Hillert C. Walton G. Edan Y. Moreau T. Spelman L. Geys T. Parciak C. Gautrais N. Lazovski A. Pirmani A. Ardeshirdavani L. Forsberg A. Glaser R. McBurney H. Schmidt A. Bergmann S. Braune A. Stahmann R. Middleton A. Salter A. Van Der Walt J. Rojas I. Van Der Mei R. Ivanov G. Sciascia Do Olival A. Dias M. Magyari D. Brum M. Mendes R. Alonso R. Nicholas J. Bauer A. Chertcoff A. Zabalza G. Arrambide G. Comi L. Peeters
Presentation Number  SS02.04
Lecture Time 11:21 – 11:33


COVID-19 in persons with multiple sclerosis treated with ocrelizumab: pharmacovigilance update
Authors:  R. Hughes K. Fitovski L. Whitley N. Jessop H. Schneble E. Muros-Le Rouzic A. Sauter R. Pedotti H. Koendgen
Presentation Number SS02.05
Lecture Time  11:33 – 11:45


Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes in Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Multiple Sclerosis
Authors:   C. Louapre N. Collongues B. Stankoff C. Giannesini C. Papeix C. Bensa R. Deschamps A. Creange A. Wahab J. Pelletier O. Heinzlef P. Labauge L. Guilloton G. Ahle M. Goudot K. Bigaut D. Laplaud S. Vukusic C. Lubetzki J. De Seze
Presentation Number SS02.06
Presentation Number SS02.06
Lecture Time 11:45 – 11:57