There have been various studies conducted so far in order to unravel the secrets behind the skin microbiome which is usually discovered in acral melanoma. The studies that were conducted included 85,000 patients, 45 percent of whom were already down with this disease of the skin microbiome. However, the patients who were also suffering from the increased amount of melanoma were more prone to the risk of dying early. This ratio was around 85 percent for the people. Hence, an attempt was made by the scientists to register for the medicines which could possibly reduce and control the melanoma content under the skin. This was linked to medicines like HCL and ADR in the proportion of 5.7 mg/L and hence, the injection of this dosa would be helpful in curing the melanoma content, and hence, in the end, this would be helpful in increasing the efficiency of the medicine by curing the disease in the best possible manner. The efficiency of curing the patients was enhanced by rather 50 percent and hence, there would be an enhanced quantity of the results, and hence, it the best possible treatment available for the patients so far.

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