There are recently numerous reports about using hematopoietic cell microtransplantation for treating many hematologic cancers like AML (acute myeloid leukemia) and MDS myelodysplastic syndrome). However, those reports are derived from small and uncontrolled trials. This study tries to research the available studies to find the effectiveness of the therapy.

The data for the study was taken from PubMed papers published between 1966 and 2020. The search resulted in 14 records and 11 supporting records. Out of those, 14 were selected for qualitative synthesis (one was a repeated study). The 14 records included 600 patients. Out of those, five studies pertain to phase 2, and 6 reports were regarding AML with heterogeneous individuals. There are was a single study concerning MDS.

There was no consistency in the studies. The study results were from very few people, skewed population, and not a 95% confidence interval.

The study could not prove or disprove the effectiveness or safety of using microtransplantation therapy as a treatment for AML or MDS. The study recommends accurate studies in this genre in the future with a controlled clinical study. And, the study considers this treatment strategy as just ‘investigational’ until proven.