Overall the implementation of Evidence-Based Practices for Students With Severe Disabilities

Coaching with live observation and immediate performance feedback is an effective means to train para-professionals so that they can learn to deal with them, but this method might not always be feasible as not all institutions have such children available or an experienced professional trainer. In this study, multiple baselines were used across participants design with s paraprofessionals who taught elementary students with severe disabilities to test the efficacy of 2 innovations designed to improve the feasibility of delivering feedback. There was found a functional relation between delayed, video-based performance feedback, and paraprofessional implementation fidelity of 2 systematic promoting strategies.

The study concluded through its findings that observing a colleague receive feedback did result in some improvement but did not enable all paraprofessionals to meet the training criterion. This was because of the individual differences among the paraprofessionals. These findings suggest that delayed, video-based feedback is an effective and feasible training tool that can be used by all types of institutions, but only observing a colleague receive feedback might be insufficient.

Reference: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1088357620902492