Allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) is to date the only treatment that is able to change the natural course of allergic diseases. This particular study was done in order to investigate the clinical efficacy of SLITOR so that its use can be aided with additional information in the clinical settings (Serbian registered vaccine for sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy).

The sample for this study was 7–18 years old children with allergic asthma and rhinitis. They were enrolled and addressed to the active or control group. Clinical and medication scores, lung function, and exhaled FeNO were measured at baseline and at every follow-up.

The outcome obtained after administration suggested significant improvement in both nasal and asthma symptom scores as well as in medication scores in the SLIT group. SLIT showed an important influence that resulted in the recovery of lung function and airway inflammation.

The study concluded through the collected data analysis that SLITOR was effective not only in terms of patient-reported outcomes but an improvement of pulmonary function and decrease of lower airway inflammation were also observed.