Researchers conducted this study to assess the efficacy and safety of Daflon® in the treatment of idiopathic epistaxis.

This is an open-label randomized clinical trial conducted on patients with idiopathic epistaxis comparing 1 group receiving Daflon® for one month and a second group receiving Daflon® for three months with a control group receiving nothing.

The study included 450 patients distributed equally among the 3 study groups. The administration of Daflon®, whether for one month or three months, resulted in a significant improvement in our indicators for control of epistaxis, including the number of patients visiting an emergency room and those needing cauterization after light failure nasal packing when compared with the control group. Also, the severity of epistaxis defined by the ESS was significantly less at the end of each treatment period and 1-year follow-up compared with the pretreatment severity. However, the use of Daflon® for three months was associated with a significantly more epistaxis control at 1-year follow-up compared with the 1-month administration.

The study concluded that Daflon® is an advantageous and safe method for controlling idiopathic epistaxis. However, the daily use of Daflon® for three months has a more significant long-term beneficial effect than one month of service.