Nowadays, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension are the leading causes of significant morbidity associated with obesity. Bariatric surgery is being suggested as a treatment for obesity since it has been shown that obesity in people with hypertension might cause resistance to pressure reduction by pharmaceutical therapy and lifestyle modifications.

In an overarching review that researchers conducted, patients with hypertension and non-morbid obesity were assessed in treatment trials. The AMSTAR-II and GRADE techniques were used to assess the efficacy and reliability of the evidence.

Only 3 of the 677 systematic reviews that were found were used for analysis. When they looked at the outcomes related to hypertension covered by the reviews, they found that 5 RCTs evaluated pressure reduction at 1 year of follow-up and 5 RCTs at more than 1 year, 5 RCTs evaluated the rate of hypertension, 6 RCTs analyzed changes in systolic pressure and 5 RCTs changes in diastolic pressure. The 3 reviews were found to be of severely low quality when the methodological quality was evaluated.

Only 3 systematic reviews with severely poor methodological quality were discovered to analyze the subject. They reported favorable results for metabolic surgery but with very little proof.