Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) was helpful in decreasing intraocular pressure (IOP) in around half of post-trabeculectomy (TE) eyes. For a study, the researchers sought to test the efficacy and safety of SLT in post-TE eyes that were uncontrolled on maximum tolerated medication and had visual field loss that was progressing. The post-TE eyes of patients diagnosed with primary open-angle glaucoma who had been treated with 360 degrees SLT and had a 12-month follow-up were included in the retrospective analysis. The lowering of mean diurnal intraocular pressure (mdIOP, mean of 6 measures), peak IOP, and diurnal IOP fluctuations were the primary goals. Factors influencing IOP reduction, SLT success, and failure rates were secondary outcomes. A total of 43 individuals’ eyes were included in the research. During the first year, 10 eyes (23%) required additional operations to minimize mdIOP, and these were classified as failures and were not included in the final research. MdIOP [Q25, Q75] reduced from 15.2 [12.2 to 16.5] to 13.2 [11.6 to 15.3] mm Hg (P=0.027) in the remaining 33 eyes (77%) 1 year after SLT, with 23 eyes (54%) showing a satisfactory mdIOP reduction. After earlier incisional glaucoma surgery, SLT was successful and safe in decreasing mdIOP to target IOP in around half of the eyes.


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