As the time goes on the world it is becoming more and more tech-savvy for all kinds of necessity is in every sector. In the case of spine surgery, the all new 3d printing technology has provided an awesome and promising new research item that plays an important role in spine surgery. In different studies, the researchers have highlighted the role of this 3d printing in orthopedics, spine surgery, and medicine. It has shown promising and positive results in various aspects and situations of spine surgery. Therefore, it has become a very important utility for neurosurgeons. During the treatment of spinal alignment, 3d printing plays an important role in tissue bioengineering and the applications.

Every day people are bringing something new with new technology in different parts of our daily life. Nowadays many people are suffering from spinal problems. Some of them need to go through spine surgery. So a new technology like 3D printing can become more effective on spine surgery and a handy utility for spine surgeons. This Medical technology has been growing so fast by bringing new creations and utilities for the surgeons to get the best effort from them at the time of surgery.