According to researchers, a patient’s understanding of surgery is often limited in the context of sophisticated oncologic operations. Supplemental materials can help patients learn more about their surgery and make decisions for themselves more comfortable. The study’s primary objective was to ascertain whether or not preoperative counseling is more positively received by patients undergoing robotic endometrial cancer staging when enhanced by multimedia. Comprehension by the patient, contentment by the doctor, and efficiency during the appointment were secondary goals. From 2018-2019, patients were randomly assigned to receive either standard physician education (SPE) or multimedia-based education (MBE), which entailed viewing 2 original videos followed by targeted physician counseling. Information concerning the general population was gathered. The Client Satisfaction Questionnaire-8 (CSQ-8; a validated satisfaction survey with a scoring range of 8-32) was used to measure patient satisfaction, and both an individual and overall score were calculated (GGS, 10-point scale). A GGS was used to determine the level of contentment felt by physicians. The participants were polled 3 times to gauge their level of understanding using a custom 9-question survey. Investigators compared the groups using t-tests and linear mixed models. About 70% of the 75 patients analyzed were Caucasian, and most of those in the 50-70 age range had some college experience (72%). On the CSQ-8, those in the MBE group scored better (31.69 v/s 30.69, P<0.01), and their overall satisfaction was higher (9.95 vs. 9.74, P=0.04). Comprehension scores did not change over time (P=0.84) or between groups (P=0.23). The MBE group had considerably longer visits (90.36 vs. 80.46 min, P=0.04) than the control group. SPE and MBE were well-received by patients and were easily understood. Based on provider preference, preoperative counseling sessions could include the use of multimedia education. After the initial implementation period, patient and physician satisfaction and session length could be further investigated.