In accordance with many studies that have been conducted so far, it has been observed that the endoscopic submucosal dissection is a technique for removing lesions in the gastrointestinal tract that is known for involving the cushioning techniques in the best of capabilities. The goal is basically to include that pharyngeal cancer is often linked with a delay since it is usually detected at the later stages only. It was in the month of September 2010 and August, 2014that 54 patients were diagnosed with superficial pharyngeal cancer. It was also observed that these factors were likely to be prevailing to the maximum possible extent and hence, it was discovered that these people were having the capacity to call for the delay in the best possible manner. The results provided that in the population of 8755 patients, it was nearly 87 percent of them which were linked with long-term benefits and advantages in the field in such great ways that are linked with this phenomenon in the best possible manner. The three-year overall survival rate was 97.7 percent and the three-year recurrence survival rate was 98.1 percent.

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