Nonintubates chest trauma patients with fractured ribs admitted to the intensive care units are at a higher risk of forming a myriad of complications that may require invasive ventilation at some point. Therefore, what matters in such situations is to ensure that the ventilation should become effective at some point or the other in the future. The most important consideration for the people at this point in time is the fact that effective pain control is very important for achieving this. The epidural analgesia in patients who have been suffering from fractured ribs is life taking for them. These are the most common symptoms of people who face chest trauma and chest related pain. Therefore, there is a need to enhance the research on this point to assure that the people are provided with the best possible care. The care must be supplied by professional doctors. This will ensure that people must not be denied care in any manner or whatsoever. The amount of oxygen supply in the care units must not decrease at any of the costs. Therefore, what matters at the end to save the lives of the people to the maximum possible extent.

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