The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of anterior and posterior urethroplasty on erectile and ejaculatory function. With the increased use of urethroplasty, the influence on sexual function has been called into doubt. Some degree of erectile dysfunction is typical after anterior urethroplasties, although it is usually transitory, with most patients experiencing remission of any de novo problem within 12 months. Prior to surgery, patients with posterior urethral strictures had a relatively high prevalence of erectile dysfunction, which may improve the following urethroplasty. Due to the sheer relief of blockage, patients’ ejaculatory function tends to improve, although some patients experience a decrease in ejaculatory power.

While urethroplasty has a little long-term effect on sexual performance for the majority of patients, some people report improvement while others observe deterioration. Prior to urethroplasty, patients should be informed about these risks.