There has been a greater need for preventing the prevalence of masked asleep hypertension among US adults. This was because of the reason that people these days are subjected to increasing amounts of stress and the problems of hypertension. Therefore, an attempt must be made in order to understand these people in the best possible way or the sole reason that these people are provided with the problems of increasing blood pressure. Therefore, a study was conducted using 78542 people and hence, it was observed that 97 percent of the people were provided with the problems which involved being subjected to the greater degrees of hypertension. In the sample that was recently studied, it was observed that the people were given the best possible support and in addition, there was also an attempt registered for securing the mental health of these people in the best possible manner. The medication therapy was successful in around 78 percent of the people. The findings were able to suggest that these changes are also known for increasing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. And basically masked asleep hypertension is high among US adults.

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