Preliminary findings suggest that an evidence- based educational toolkit of videos, based on the five As (Ask, Assess, Advise, Agree, and As- sist) of Pediatric Obesity Management, may lead to changes in self-reported behaviors among healthcare professionals (HCP), and sustained improvements in their self-efficacy in address- ing weight-related topics with children and their families, according to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. HCPs play a critical role in helping to address weight-related issues with pediatric patients, yet often feel ill-equipped to discuss/manage this complex and sensitive health issue. Using the five As framework, investigators created a series of educational videos and eval- uated, via questionnaires, the content, quality (ac- ceptability, engagement), and impact of these vid- eos on HCPs’ self-efficacy, knowledge, and change in practice when addressing weight-related issues with pediatric patients and their families. HCPs participated in a baseline assessment and 4- to 6-month follow-up. Knowledge and self-efficacy increased post-video for most participants. At follow-up, most HCPs reported a change in their practice attributable to viewing the videos, and their self-efficacy ratings improved over time for most questions asked. The majority of participants highly rated aspects of each of the videos.