We led a forthcoming, randomized, blinded, two-equipped clinical utility examination that selected 1094 patients with 72 urologists from 24 urology rehearses. Patients were considered for prostate biopsy at enlistment dependent on standard clinical models. All patients had an EPI test; nonetheless, patients were randomized into EPI versus control arms where just the EPI arm got results for their biopsy choice. The ExoDx Prostate(IntelliScore) (EPI) test is a non-obtrusive danger appraisal device for recognition of high-grade prostate malignancy (HGPC) that advises whether to continue with prostate biopsy. We tried to survey the effect of EPI on the choice to biopsy in a genuine clinical setting. As far as anyone is concerned this is the primary report on a PC biomarker utility investigation with a blinded control arm. The investigation exhibits that the EPI test impacts the general choice to concede or continue with a biopsy and improves persistent definition. As a result it can be said that urologists who did not change their recommendation post-EPI test, most indicated this was due to presence of a rapidly rising PSA.

Reference link- https://www.nature.com/articles/s41391-020-0237-z