Exploding head syndrome is a neurological nature disease characterized by the problematic events that happen to the person who comes along the sleep. Various studies have been done to understand the neurological roots of the exploding head syndrome. The etiology of ‘exploding head syndrome’ (EHS) is highly controversial, and its management is unknown. The objective was to explore the neurological roots and management of the exploding head syndrome.

This was an observational study. It was done to describe the personal experience of EHS and discuss its implications.

While suffering from EHS, the researchers experienced recurrent transient cardiac arrests due to sick sinus syndrome. Implantation of a cardiac pacemaker resulted in immediate, dramatic, permanent cessation of cardiac arrest episodes and EHS. This has not been reported previously in other researches and literature as well.

The study indicated through its findings that a unique temporal relationship suggests a possible association between EHS and sick sinus syndrome. This study provides data that will be beneficial in the clinical settings; however, further researches are required to explore the exploding head syndrome in depth.

Reference: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ene.14464