The anterior approach of standard surgical treatment of spinal tuberculosis has various post-surgical complications. On the other hand, the posterior surgical approach involves the removal of the posterior elements pedicles and ribs can be a great alternate option to achieve the treatment of spinal tuberculosis. It also may reduce the complications. The study regarding the success rates of the posterior approach includes the medical records and all kinds of imaging of 50 patients who were admitted with spinal tuberculosis is between January 2010 and June 2016. The main parameters for the evaluation are the visual analog scale, Kypothic Cobb angel, and Frankel grading scale. The research said that patients from all groups had improvement in VAS score. Patients under the group of posterior surgical approach for spinal tuberculosis have improved in all the sections. 

The study has concluded that posterior instrumentation and extended posterior decompression are more effective in terms of the surgery of spinal tuberculosis which is involved in the thoracolumbar, thoracic lumbosacral, and lumbar regions. So it can be said that the posterior approach of surgery for spinal tuberculosis is more effective and has a lesser complication than the anterior approach.