ROME (Reuters) – Italy added new restrictions on Wednesday to a lockdown imposed to fight the coronavirus, ordering bars, restaurants and most shops to close.

Here are the main measures in place:


All shops must close except supermarkets, food stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, computer and electronic stores, newsagents and tobacconists. These shops must guarantee a distance of at least one meter between customers. Until March 25.


All bars, cafes and restaurants on the streets must close. Factory and office canteens may stay open if they can guarantee a distance of one meter between customers. So can cafes in airports, railway stations and motorway service stations. Until March 25.


Non-essential personal services must close, such as hairdressers and beauty parlous. Launderettes, dry cleaners, undertakers and banks can remain open so long as they guarantee the one meter distance between customers. Until March 25.


The only company departments allowed to stay open are those “essential to production,” the government’s decree says. Divisions such as marketing, HR and finance are expected to close. Until March 25.


People can only move around for reasons of work, health needs or emergencies. Public transport remains operational, but the authorities stress they don’t want people to leave their homes. #I’mStayingHome is the title of a government public information campaign. Those who do want to travel must fill in a document explaining their reasons for doing so and carry it with them. If they are found to have lied they face possible fines or jail terms. Until April 3.


All events organized in the private or public sector, from culture to sport, religious activities and fairs are suspended. Cinemas, museums, theaters, pubs, dance schools, betting shops and discos must all close. Ski resorts must close. Civil and religious ceremonies cannot be held. Schools and universities are shuttered. All outdoor gatherings are banned. Until April 3.


All sporting events and competitions are suspended, including top flight Serie A soccer games. Gyms, sports centers, swimming pools, spas and leisure centers must close. The only exception are events organized by international sports’ bodies, as long as they take place behind closed doors. Until April 3.


Leave for health workers is canceled until April 3. Anyone with a fever above 37.5C (99.5 Fahrenheit) or anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus must stay at home.

(Reporting By Gavin Jones; Editing by Janet Lawrence)