Human semen quality in China has decreased in a few decades. Existing research revealed that more than half of healthy males in Chongqing City in Southwest China had abnormal semen parameters values according to World Health Organization criteria.

The present study is a cross-sectional study that explored the associations between socio-psycho-behavioral factors and semen quality in Chongqing City.

The study participants were 1346 healthy men. The participants were examined and researched concerning 15 socio-psycho-behavioral factors.

Men from a higher occupational class had better semen volume, while men who often wore underwear made from man-made fibers had a lower percentage of morphologically normal sperm. As regards psychological stress, men with less stress had an increased total sperm count and percentage of morphologically normal sperm. The other 12 factors examined in the study demonstrated no significant association with semen quality in Chongqing.

The study concluded that socio-psycho-behavioral factors could impact semen quality. A health program that deals directly with psychological health and healthy lifestyle and the implementation of policies that address social factors for men may play a part in the improvement of male reproductive health in China.