The essential point of our investigation was to recognize the components related with update a medical procedure after bursal extraction in patients with olecranon bursitis. The auxiliary points were to depict the modification rate after bursectomy and to survey which components are related with fold a medical procedure after bursectomy and portray the most widely recognized confusions after bursectomy of the olecranon bursa.

We included 191 grown-up patients with olecranon bursitis who went through olecranon bursa extraction between January 2002 and October 2018. Patients who were pregnant, patients with inadequate records of the essential surgery, and patients who went through bursectomy during elbow arthroplasty were prohibited. After manual outline survey, we tracked down that 22 patients had gone through correction medical procedure. Bivariate investigation was performed to survey the relationship between modification medical procedure and patient qualities, comorbidities, and clinical attributes. Also, we gathered information with respect to postoperative confusions and intraoperative factors like the utilization of channels, vacuum helped conclusion treatment, and fold a medical procedure.

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